At the heart of the Mekong delta

No nonsense here: clear and reliable services for you to discover the Mekong delta in Vietnam, and the variety of river life.

Family outings

Keep each member of the family entertained by a combination of different activities. A great opportunity to spend a full day out with family. Exploring the Mekong delta beyond the floating market by joining our package tours.

Art & Craft activities


Enjoy cooking classes provided by the chef at L'Escale. Decorating the dishes with fresh, well-formed, and colourful fruits and vegetables through artistic carving by our expert.

Sportive activities


Explore the river on a kayak in the countryside surrounding Cần Thơ. Cycle deep in the countryside or from the center of Cần Thơ into the greener outskirts of the city.

Floating market

A lazy stroll to one of the last floating markets –morning outings on the river.

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