Cooking class

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Start: 09:00 AM at the Cần Thơ market hall - End: 13:00 at l'Escale - 2 to 10 participants

Meet your guide at the old Cần Thơ market hall. Choose the dishes you will cook, then go to the market for fresh ingredients. A small walk along the riverbanks takes you to l'Escale. There, after a fresh fruit juice, you carry out the cooking of a 3-course meal with the help of l'Escale chef, by which time you should be ravenous.

Time to sit and taste your dishes. Bon appétit!

The activity includes
3 recipes out of a possible 11
purchase at local market with a guide
recipes booklet
individual preparation
fruit juice

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This class is not private, other groups may join with you. Our About apply, and we abide by our Commitments.

Choice of recipes


Each group may choose one of each, starter, main course and dessert –although the Vietnamese seldom eat anything sweet at the end of a meal, here are some great sweet dishes to try.

Fresh springrolls Gỏi cuốn
Green papaya salad Gỏi đu đủ
Fried springrolls Chả giò rế
Main courses
Catfish with lemongrass in a clay pot Cá kho tộ với xả
Mango shrimps Tôm sốt xoài
Caramel and pepper pork in a clay pot Heo Kho tiêu trong nồi đất
Sweet and sour fish soup Canh chua cá
Sweet fruit gruel Chè trái cây
Violet glutinous rice and taro sweet gruel Chè nếp cẩm và khoai sọ
Sweet banana gruel Chè chuối
White beans sweet gruel Chè đậu trắng

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